The Toronto Beaches Children’s Chorus was founded in 2006 by artistic director Bronwen Low.

The choir provides both vocal and dramatic training, in a fun and supportive environment. The children learn a variety of music from all different genres, and enjoy bi-weekly drama classes with actor & teacher Joanne Mitchell. Jessica Riley, Anna Madgett & Michael Gomiega round off the artistic staff!

The Choir has five levels of instruction.  We are now accepting new registrations for our January start!

The Piccolo Choir for children in Jk & Sk. The Piccolo Choir is a non auditionned choir for young children who love to sing, move & make believe. We work on finding the children’s singing voices and head voices through song and game. The childrens start to use beat and rhythm and get to explore and move with regular drama sessions.

Our Thursday Piccolo Class has a few spots open for our January start. There are also spots available in our newer Wednesday Piccolo class.  Please call or e mail to book your winter spot as they are offered on a first come first serve basis. The Winter term runs from January 11 or 12, class depending and goes until March 8 or 9. The cost for the Winter Term is $108.00

The Prelude choir, for kids in grades 1 & 2, continues to develop proper use of the head voice, beautiful unison singing and simple rounds through song, movement and drama.  The children are also invloved in the Spring Musical every year. The Prelude choir meets from 4:45-5:30 every week.

***The oldest three groups learn the basics of music theory, appropriate to their division, during rehearsals.***

The tuition for The Prelude Choir is $425.00 for the year.  

The Cantabile Chorus is for kids in grades 3-5. This division is our intermediate division. They continue to work on producing a healthy sound and work in two parts gaining more experience with ensemble singing. The second half of the year is dedicated to an end of the year staged production. The Cantabile Chorus meets from 5:15-6:30 every week.

The tuition for The Cantabile Chorus is $575.00 for the year.

The Chamber & Youth Choirs are for kids ages 12 & up. Both divisions are dedicated to kids who love singing and drama and want to continue their love of music at a higher level. They are also involved in a staged production in the Spring. Our Chamber Choir is from 6:15-7:45 every week and our Youth group meets from 7:00-8:15 every week. Kids in grades 8 & above can choose to be in Chamber & Youth combined or just Youth.

The tuition for The Chamber Choir is $625.00 for the year.
The tuition for the Chamber & Youth Choirs is $675.00 for the year.
The tuition for just Youth is $415 for the year.

There are partial Bursaries for all divisions.

Summer Camp-July 31-August 4, 2017

We had a great camp this year exploring Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The kids worked with song, movement, drama and created their own backdrops in a fun full week of camp!